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The Restaurant

The Hotel Restaurant Domenico is set up on a hill, about 300 m ASL and it is surrounded only by nature.

The most suggestive impact comes from the convivial rooms: the big garden at sight, thanks to the huge glass walls, merges with the restaurant to accompany your symposium in a unique and one-off way.

In addition to the main rooms, the Hotel Restaurant Domenico allows you to taste its delicious dishes inside cosy glass and wooden places, always set in the well-kept vegetation surrounding the hotel which forms a real winter garden. The pleasant place, the nice location, the professionalism of the service merge to make every event and wedding banquet happy and unforgettable.

 Ingresso Hotel Ristorante Domenico
 Bar Hotel Ristorante Domenico
 Aperitivi all'esterno
 Sala Ristorante

In summertime it is possible to prepare outside small gazebos and refreshment stands where you can taste starters and drinks listening to good music.

The Hotel Restaurant Domenico offers a traditionally Tuscan cuisine: fresh pasta, meat specialities, mushrooms and game specialities, fish and also international specialities together with the best Tuscan and Italian wines.

The care and the respect for the tradition, for the protection of the typicality of products and flavours, for the selection of the best ingredients and dishes characterize the wine and food line of the Hotel Restaurant Domenico and defend the high quality of each meeting.