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Tuscany to Discover

Very ancient land, Tuscany takes its name from the evolution of the word “Etruria” which transformed at first into Tuscia and then into Tuscany. Thanks to its big cultural and language unity Tuscany boasts an ancient and well-defined identity: the borders of Tuscany of today are the same of the ancient Etruria, except some areas which in the past were subsequently attributed to Latium and Umbria.

Tuscany is a region really rich in history, natural amenities and treasures. It is so full of places to visit, that it is hard to make a selection, especially if the days at disposal are limited. Thanks to the unforgettable landscapes, to the excellent typical food and to the first-rate wines, each year millions of people from all over the world visit this fantastic land and plan additional holiday to discover it better.

The Hotel Restaurant Domenico is in a very good position to visit the most part of the beautiful Tuscany. Wishing you a perfect stay, the Hotel Restaurant Domenico suggests you some cities to visit.

- Monte San Savino
- Cortona
- Pienza
- Siena
- Arezzo
- Firenze